With everything going on in the world, we are seeing a lot of businesses adapting to home working arrangements for employees.

Due to this, we felt it our obligation to adapt alongside those businesses and focus more on home office products.

Below you will find various promotions and packages we have created specifically to assist Australian businesses in this tough time.


Work From Home Packages

Working from home could put your employees at risk of ergonomic hazards which can put you, as an employer, in breach of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS).

Set them up with an ergonomic office space to protect your staff & your business.

The best part? 
We'll deliver these ergonomic home offices straight to your door!

See below 8 of the packages we are offering companies who are setting up their staff at home.

For more information (and pricing) call Dennis on 0413 438 188.

Get up and at ‘em with this home office package. Featuring the Upanatom Mobile Laptop Sit Stand Desk, this home office offers a compact manual solution for your immediate needs.
Get up and go with this agile home office package. The Upango Mobile Laptop Sit Desk coupled with the Trice Chair makes this package perfect for those looking for flexibility in your home office. 
Rise to the occasion with this mobile home office package. Featuring the Stockholm desk, this package is ideal for those seeking a temporary home office.
Create a cutting edge home office. Featuring the Taskmaster, this package is ideal for those wanting a quick, temporary home office solution.
For an economical sit-stand home office solution, look no further. Featuring the Arise Totelator, this package creates the perfect sit-stand home office. 
Create an active and dynamic home office with this package. Featuring the Frugalator, this sit-stand home office allows you to easily transition from seated to standing throughout the day.
Create a sit-stand home office with ease. Featuring the Giro midback chair, this home package is designed to prevent strain in the mid and lower back.
Create a flexible home office that works around you. Featuring the Perch Stool, this package creates an active and dynamic home office.

Introducing the Spindesk

Can't go to work? Can't go to the gym? Let us deliver both to you.

Don't let working from home compromise your health. As offices and gyms close, Australians run the risk of adopting a sedentary lifestyle. We have the tools to ensure that whilst you're keeping on top of the spread of coronavirus, you can also keep on top of your fitness.

The Spindesk Brings the Gym to You!


The Spindesk allows you to reap the physical benefits of an exercise bike, including weight loss, muscle strengthening and improved blood and oxygen flow, which contributes to improved memory and brain functioning and a strengthened immune system – all helping you work more productively.

The cycling action does not interfere with typing or other office activities and the whisper-quiet pedal system will not be a distraction to you or others. 

With eight resistance settings and an integrated digital display that tracks your time, distance, calories burned and MORE, there's no excuse to let working from home compromise your fitness.

The optional desk tray creates a standalone unit that holds your laptop, paperwork and other office accessories whilst you pedal. However, the Spindesk can be used with any existing desk when the optional tray is removed and the unit is rolled up to your desk.